About Richland Meeting

In Quaker Meeting for Worship, we unplug from the chattering world and open ourselves to the eternal Spirit that each of us can experience directly in our own way. Sitting together in the silence of Meeting for Worship we seek a communion with the Divine and with each other. Quakers, also known as Friends, believe that we come together as equals and any one of us can come to know God’s will directly, without the help of trained clergy and liturgy. We have no creed or set prayers. We believe that we each come to feel God’s love and know God’s will. We ascribe to testimonies of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality and stewardship.

Our members and attenders, who come from many faith traditions, witness the Spirit variously as: God, the Inner Light, Jesus or simply Love. We believe this Divine force is available for all people at all times.

As we sit together in silence, we begin to draw our minds and hearts away from daily preoccupations, to better hear the “still small voice” of God speak to us and through us. (1 Kings 19:11-12) Anyone who feels deeply moved by an inner leading may offer vocal ministry with spirit led messages, prayers, and meditations. We leave silent time after each message to contemplate what has been shared. When speaking, we do so clearly so all can hear. Our children who have been in Sunday School, join us and sit together in worship for the last 15 minutes.

After about an hour, a designated person will signal the end of meeting.

We close our worship with handshakes all around.

Visitors are welcomed and announcements are shared.

We ask that you sign our guest book before leaving the meetinghouse. 

And if you wish, please join us in our schoolhouse for refreshments where we can become better acquainted and to talk further about our faith and practice and answer any questions.

Meeting for worship leaves us feeling refreshed in a way that binds us to each other while giving us  strength and comfort for our lives in the wider world.