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Abington Quarter


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What is Abington Quarter?

Abington Quarter is the 9 Monthly (Quaker) Meetings, that are primarily around Montgomery County, (although Byberry Monthly Meeting is in Philadelphia).  There is also a Philadelphia Quarter, a Bucks Quarter, a Salem Quarter, a Caln Quarter and others.

The Meetings that make-up the Abington Quarter are:

Map of 9 Meetinghouses Locatio

"The Quarterly Meeting is designed to bring together a larger group for inspiration and counsel and to consider more varied interests than a Monthly or Preparative Meeting can undertake.  It is composed of constituent Monthly Meetings, each of which shall appoint representatives to attend it.

"... Its more helpful function should be to aid and encourage its constituent Monthly Meetings to greater interest and service and to give its members an increasing vision of Truth."  (Source: Faith and Practice of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting)

1. Abington Monthly Meeting
2. Byberry Monthly Meeting
3. Gwynedd Monthly Meeting
4. Horsham Monthly Meeting
5. Norristown Monthly Meeting
6. Plymouth Monthly Meeting
7. Richland Monthly Meeting
8. Unami Monthly Meeting
9. Upper Dublin Monthly Meeting

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Abington Quarter 

For Information about the Yearly Meeting:
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (PYM)

The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) have established Meetings within all continents of the world. There are about 400,000 Quakers worldwide with most of them in Africa. 

Organizational Structure of Quakers

  • Monthly Meetings--Meeting for business once per month
  • Quarterly Meeting--Meeting for business once per quarter
  • Yearly Meeting--Meeting for business once per year 
  • National Quaker Organizations
  • Worldwide Quaker Organizations

Monthly Meetings of Abington Quarter

Abington Quarter is composed of 9 Monthly Meetings, all in Montgomery County, PA, with the exception of Richland (Bucks Co.) and Byberry (Northeast Philadelphia).

  • Abington Monthly Meeting
  • Byberry Monthly Meeting
  • Gwynedd Monthly Meeting
  • Horsham Monthly Meeting
  • Norristown Monthly Meeting
  • Plymouth Monthly Meeting
  • Richland Monthly Meeting
  • Unami Monthly Meeting
  • Upper Dublin Monthly Meeting
Each of these Monthly Meetings has their own distinctive flavor; small or large membership, varying diversity of age groups and ethnic social economic backgrounds, and theology. Monthly Meetings are the composite of all its members as they jointly express their faith.

Yearly Meeting

Abington Quarter is one of 14 Quarters that make up Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. And Philadelphia Yearly Meeting consists of over 100 Quaker meetings found in:

  • Central and Eastern PA,
  • Southern NJ, and
  • Northern Delaware.

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